Mumcaytion Time

You might recall in my last post I talked about my annual #Metime list, well last year I went right out of my comfort zone and put down “Take a kid-free girls trip”. Even writing it I felt the dreaded mum guilt. How could I possibly leave my family and go away (gasp) on my own?!

But go away I did. In August I had 4 delicious days in Bali. I met one of my favourite girlfriends who lives in Sydney over there and for the first time since I became a mum I laid down some of that mental load and remembered what it was like to be me.

We ladies, mums in particular seem to think things will fall in a heap if we aren’t here, before heading away I made an embarrassingly detailed list for my partner of “kid things he needed to know”, labelled the panadol bottle with the kids dosage amounts in case of emergency and left enough supplies to last a whole winter. It wasn’t because I thought @justanaussiedad wouldn’t cope, far from it. This was merely my way of feeling less guilty about leaving. I now realise that not only did I get a huge amount from a few days alone, my whole family benefited. The kids had an absolute ball and bonded with dad in new ways. They weren’t sad and honestly didn’t seem too phased I was gone.

I had a chance for the first time in almost 5 years to be alone with my thoughts, to think about my future and really reflect on where I am at in this stage of my life. The time and space away from my home gave me clarity and I came home feeling refreshed and focused on the future.

If your kids are old enough and you feel ready to leave them for a night or two then why not add this to your 2020 #metime list. It doesn’t have to be expensive or too long, just far enough away that you can relax the reigns and remember who you were before you became mum.


My annual #Mummymetime List

A few years back on the eve of a new year I wrote my very first #MummyMeTime List. It is not too dissimilar to a New Years Resolution list except every thing on the list has to meet these criteria.

  • It only relates to me, not the kids, not my other half just ME
  • It has to be achievable within the next year, there is no point putting down running 5 times a week if 2 is a more realistic and attainable goal.
  • Does it “fill my cup”?

It is harder than it sounds, often many of our goals are linked to others or about “losing a few kilos” but the idea here is for you to try new experiences and to take time to fill your own cup in the year ahead.

I admit I rarely achieve my new years resolutions but my #metime list, that I make a real effort with the whole year through.

So as 2019 draws to a close why not take 10, make a cuppa and sit down to plan out your Me Time list. Is there a class you have been wanting to try? A book you would like to read? Pop it down xo

My very first #mummymetime list

Christmas: all wrapped up

Freaking out about Christmas? Not sure what to get your loved ones / co-worker / postie this Christmas? Read on, here are some simple ideas which are all available online so you can avoid the crowds this weekend.

  • The Kids in your life
    • Little ones – Buy a water play table. This will keep them amused and cool all summer long. Step2 ones are sturdy and well made
    • Older ones – An old school Slip and Slide or if the budget allows a trampoline. We have a Jumpflex one which is sturdy enough for the whole family and you can add a hose attachment for when it is really warm.

  • The Men in your life
    • Bearded? Then give him some beard shampoo or a beard trimming kit. There are some great new products on the market this year. My other half likes the Aussie made BeardLab shampoo
    • No Beard? Then why not get him an underwear subscription. He will getting fresh jocks in the mail and it saves you needing to buy them #winwin

  • The Ladies in your life
    • Money is no object – Then treat her to an Ubercircle from Uber Kate. You can get these engraved with her kids, partners, pets name and it is a beautiful timeless piece of jewellery.
    • Still fabulous just more budget friendly. A Milestone press diary. These things are game changers for the busy lady (or man) in your life, you can manage the whole family, meal plan, milestones all in one beautifully bound diary.

  • Teachers / The Postman / Neighbours etc etc…
    • Freshly baked biscuits or rocky road. Easy, inexpensive and a guaranteed hit. I love the Country Womens Association (CWA) biscuit recipe.

  • Yourself
    • You have been busy organising gifts for everyone else so don’t forget to #treatyoself and book in a pedicure or order yourself a retreat yourself box packed full of beauty and health products so you can start 2020 feel fresh and fabulous!!

There you go, all sorted and best of all you can buy them all online. Now go relax and enjoy your silly season now you have Christmas gifts ticked off the list! xoxo